Baby Lost in Great America
Ruben, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

One day I took my baby brother to Great America. His name is Isaac. Isaac is small, has brown hair and brown eyes. He was happy that we were going to Great America. We got on a ride called “The Grizzly Bear”. I was excited, got on the ride. As soon as the ride ended. I noticed I left my baby brother on a kiddie ride. So I went looking for him.

When I looked around I saw Isaac on the playground, but when I got over there he was gone. I looked everywhere; he wasn’t in the area. When I went to tell my mom that I lost Isaac, we got into the car and drove everywhere on the street. We didn’t see him at all. Then we called the police and said we have a lost baby.

And then I heard a baby crying really loud. We went to go look around the corner and we saw him on the ground crying. Mom was crying, “Aw, my baby, I missed you so bad.” So we went to celebrate with ice cream at yogurt land. Then we went to Legoland.   

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