Lost Baby at Disneyland
Jesus, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

Everybody has lost something. A baby sister loses a toy. Dad loses his car keys. But what about losing something extremely important? Consider the time when my mom entered a contest, and won tickets to go to Disneyland. When she won, mom told us to pack up so that we could to Disneyland first thing in the morning.

My little brother Edward was the first one to wake up. My brother Edward s three years old. His hair is as black as coal. He is always energetic, and is ready for anything. Sometimes he is as wild as a cougar.

After we packed, and got in the car, we went to Disneyland. When we got there, a guy in see-through box asked for our tickets.

‘’Here you go,’’ my dad told him.

When we passed the gate, we tried to find parking. When we got inside, Mickey Mouse greeted us.

‘’Hi,’’ yelled Mickey Mouse gladly.

‘’Hey,’’ we all screamed.

After we passed Mickey Mouse, my mom told me that I could go to a roller coaster, but she said that I also had to take Edward with me. Although I told her I didn’t want him to go with me, she forced me to take him with me. The more I asked her, the more she wanted me to take him with me. I stopped arguing because I knew I couldn’t win.

I took my brother to a cool roller coaster that I wanted to ride. I told him to stay near the roller coaster exit. He gave me a sour look, before I got in the roller coaster. When it ended, I went to go get my brother Edward. All of a sudden I couldn’t find him.

I ran to my mom screaming.

‘’Mom,’’ I yelled. ‘’Edward is gone,’’

‘’How?’’ she said, worried.

I explained to her about the roller coaster ride, and how he suddenly disappeared.

After that we went to tell the manager about our problem. He called the cops to tell them to look for Edward.

‘’Calling all cops, I repeat, calling all cops,’’ the manager yelled into his walkie-talkie.

When we got out of the manager’s front office, we found a good looking cop with a smile on his face. The cop was five foot three feet tall and had hair as black as ink. He looked energetic, as if he could wrestle a lion. The cop had green apple eyes, which seemed to be saying, ‘’How may I help you today?’’

We told the cop about Edward. He told us that he would do his best to help us find Edward. After that we went in circles around Disneyland yelling out Edward’s name. After a while we found him with the nice looking cop.

‘’We found him inside a store,’’ said the cop.

‘’Thanks for finding him,’’ my mom yelled.

When we found him my mom told us that we were going back home. When we got back home, we watched television for the rest of the day.

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