The Biggest Tree You’ll Ever See
Aisha, Age 7, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

There was once a girl and her name was Lilly. She loved discovering nature far, but not too far, from her house.

One day she walked alone and saw the woods and she wondered whether should she go into the lovely woods with tons and tons of nature, or stay walking on the path to the grocery store to get some boring, tiny gum for herself.

Then she said out aloud, “Gum can wait”, and ran into the woods until she was out of breath.

She saw a really colorful flower and she saw a second one, and a third one and then she saw a whole path of flowers. So she followed it until she found the dead end of the flower trail. Suddenly, she heard a little song. The person wasn’t singing the song, but mumbling it. She followed the sound and she saw the biggest tree she had ever seen and two bees singing this:

“The biggest tree you’ll ever see, has two bees
The biggest tree you’ll ever see is awesome, and is bigger than five treats”

Lilly was shocked! Super shocked! She had her mouth open for more than ten full minutes. Exactly ten full minutes and then the two bees both zoomed all the way onto Lilly’s hand.

Lilly said: “So you bees can talk?”

“Yes absolutely,” said the bees, “We are special bees.”

“Aren’t you?” said Lilly.

“We sure are,” said the bees.

Then Lilly said to the bees, “Do you live here?”

“Ring, ring, ring”

“What’s that noise?” said the two bees.

“Oh! That’s my phone ringing,” said Lilly, “Let me answer it.”

“Hi Mom and Dad,” said Lilly on the phone. “Yahh, yahh, okay,” said Lilly. “Bye.”

When the call ended, Lilly said to the bees, “Oh no! My parents said I should go home in about 20 minutes. But I’m kind of lost. Huh! The trail that I found is lost!”

“Uh-oh,” said one of the bees, while the other said, “Don’t be worried, we’ll help you find your parents and be safe back home.

“You will? THANK YOU BEES!”


“Hey what’s that kind of noise?” said the bees, “Oh it’s a tune.”

“Hey that sounds like my parents,” squealed Lilly.

Then Lilly said, “Let’s follow that sound.”

So they followed the sound and it led to Lilly’s parents!

Her parents said, “We were so worried about you!”

“And I’m sorry for going to the woods without you,” said Lilly.

“Ok now let’s go,” said her parents.

“Wait,” said Lilly and the bees, “We want to show you something.” And then they showed them the giant tree.

They said “Wow!” and took a picture.

Then they all said, “Let’s go home,” but didn’t know which way.

Then all three of us screamed loudly, “OH NO! WHICH WAY DO WE GO!!!”

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