My Favourite Book - A Poem
Sagarik, Age 11, Kolkata, West Bengal, India
                      My favourite book is about witches and wizards,
Turning rats into cockroaches and making potions out of lizards.
"Harry Potter" is its name,
A wonderful book that has achieved great fame and acclaim.

J.K. Rowling is the author, oh, how brilliant is she!!
She is well-known as the "queen of fantasy."
The book is as exciting as it can be,
Once I start to read it, it becomes a part of me!!

The stories are so funny that you laugh until you cry,
In school they teach you how to cast some spells and on broomsticks how to fly!
For supper everyone enjoys pumpkin juice and pumpkin pie,
And while the supper's going on some ghosts come floating by.

Children choose their house by wearing a "sorting" hat,
End up joining "Gryffindor," "Ravenclaw," "Hufflepuff" or "Slytherin" - just like that.
They play "Quidditch" flying on broomsticks in the field,
And often end up fighting one another till someone does yield.

They take classes such as "Spells," "Potions," and "Transfiguration,"
"History of Magic" is where they learn about their 'Magical Federation.'
Some of the teachers are Professors Snape, McGonagall, and Sprout,
Professor Sprout teaches "Herbology' with plants that make the students scream and shout.

But all wizards in the book are not good and kind,
Plenty of evil ones are there, that you will find.
For one evil wizard killing was just a game,
And Lord Voldemort was that wizard's name.

Harry Potter's parents were killed by Voldemort when he was small and tiny,
But he survived, went to Hogwarts and had two friends called Ron and Hermione.
They forged a friendship that was so good and strong,
That it did not go amiss even when something went wrong.

Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster was a powerful wizard,
He could make a storm of fire or a very cold blizzard.
He was the only person Voldemort ever feared,
And he became uneasy whenever Dumbledore appeared.

The fights they have, the spells they cast,
They all make my heart beat oh so fast!
The plot, the thrill and, oh, the storyline,
Is just extremely exciting and perfectly divine.

It's a book that's so good that you'll read it with glee,
I know it'll cast a spell on you too,
As it did on me!!
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