The Bad Brother
Moises, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

It was a sunny afternoon when I decided to go to a birthday party with my friend Adrian. My mom walked in my room as I was changing and told me that she wanted me to take care of my little sister, Rachel, in an indoor park. Rachel is two years old, little, and chubby. Her hair is like chocolate. Her skin color is caramel. Her eyes are dark brown. I am short and skinny with dark brown hair. I was wearing jeans with a t-shirt.

Rachel’s eyes seemed to be saying, “I am going to get Moises in trouble.”

I invited Adrian and he came with his baby brother. Adrian was tall and skinny. Adrian wore faded blue jeans and a shirt. The two babies were playing on a little pedal car. They rode straight out the door and they yelled.

“Whee! This is fun!”

Adrian’s eyes seemed to be saying, “I am in big trouble.”

Adrian and I were afraid to think what would happen if the babies were by themselves. We ran out the door, but they were gone by that time. We looked all over the place, but we couldn’t find them. Adrian and I split up to find them, but it was no use. Right as I was going to give up I heard a baby screaming “Mama!”

“It’s OK, Rachel I’m here, Rachel,” I whispered.

I had found Adrian’s little brother, but my sister was not with him.

I was thinking, “I am a bad brother for losing her.”

I called Adrian on my cellphone.

“Where is he,” he cried.

“His right here,” I said. “Now we just need to find Rachel.”

We looked and looked, but we couldn’t find her.

“Why did I teach her how to play hide and seek,” I whined.

When we finally found Rachel, she was still riding the little pedal car.

“Rachel you are in big trouble,” I yelled.

“Don’t treat her like that, she is just a little girl,” Adrian shouted.

When we went back to the indoor park, my mom called. “Moises!” mom shouted.

“Yes,” I said in a gentle manner.

“Where are you?”

“At the indoor park, why?”

“Because you needed to be home an hour ago.”

“I lost track of time.”

“What really happened?”

“I lost Rachel, but I found her.”

“Ok, come home in 10 minutes or you are grounded.”

Although my mom let me go to the party, I said I'd had a rough day already. So I went to my bed and fell asleep like a baby.

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