Losing My Baby Cousin at the Mall
Talia, Age 10, San Pablo, CA

Is it hard teaching a baby how to swim? I think not because all you’re doing is holding the baby and telling it what to do.

It was 12:00pm. It was a really hot day at the city swimming pool. Meanwhile my cousin was trying to say, “I want to go swimming.“ It was over 80 degrees here in Bay Point and it felt like an oven so my cousin Talia and I went upstairs to get our bathing suits on. Then, I heard someone at the door and it was my dad Marquis. He wants to hang out with me and my cousin and my uncle Damon.

Marquis he is 5”8 inches, and he has brown hair the color of a brown bear; his eyes are like his hair. He was wearing shorts and no shirt. His eyes must be saying” I am ready to have some fun.” Damon is 5”4 and he has black hair. He is brown and he is wearing some blue jeans and a white polo shirt.

From the kitchen table I saw my dad jumping in the swimming pool, and it looked like he was having some fun. Also I can see my cousin was ready to get in the swimming pool. I felt like teaching my cousin how to swim. I heard the door and I thought it was the police.

When Damon came in and saw his brother he was so merry. He went inside, and changed into his swimming clothes.

“You’re going to go swimming too, “I said

“Yeah,” he said

So then, I took my cousin to the swimming pool and I tried to teach her how to swim but it’s harder than you think. After I taught her something, we went upstairs to get dressed. After that we went to the mall.

When we got to the mall to get something to eat I asked Talia what she wanted to eat.

“Pretzels,” Talia said

“Ok,” I said

There were a lot of people there. When I was ordering the food Talia disappeared. I was looking for her everywhere, but I couldn’t find her. So I called my dad, and my dad told my uncle. When they got to the mall Talia was in front of the mall, so when they found her they called me. Then I went back to the pretzel place to pick up the food. When I took a bite of my pretzel and it was delicious. Then I went back home. When I got back home, it was late and everyone was tired. In the next five minutes everyone was asleep.

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