Baby Lost at Disneyland
Alexander, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

It was a beautiful bursting day in August, around 9 a.m., and the sky was as blue as a blue jay. We were packing up to leave to Los Angeles. We were in the car when all of the sudden, we noticed there was a road block as big as a boulder. Although there was space for cars to pass, they wouldn’t let you pass.

So we went to the other road. When we were on the freeway, there was a car crash. It took hours because the traffic was as slow as a slimy snail.

When we were in Los Angeles, it was hard to find a hotel because the weather was as hot and we didn’t have a reservation. Finally we found a hotel close to Disneyland.

When we got inside the hotel it had two small beds the size of dwarves' beds, but it had a beautiful view to Disneyland. It had a TV with seven channels. The next day we got up and went to IHOP. I was so hungry that I could hear my stomach growling like an angry grizzly bear.

When we were in Disneyland I got on the big Ferris wheel when all of the sudden I could see my baby brother from the Ferris wheel. I shouted ‘’Don’t move’ ’.Although I knew that he couldn’t hear me, I still shouted. When I got of the ride, I didn’t see my baby brother. I asked the security guard ‘’Have you seen him’’, and I showed him a picture of my brother on my phone.

He answered with a deep voice. ‘‘I noticed him walking into the ride ’Autotopia’.” Then I said, “So he is driving a car?” “Yep,” said the security guard . “Are you crazy?” I yelled.

We went to ‘Autotopia’ and noticed my brother driving. When my family and I got on, he got off. He was on ’The Elevator of Doom.' When he jumped off ‘The Elevator of Doom’ I thought he would go splat like a fly on a fly swatter . I thought that I would faint. He was lucky because he fell on a pillow. “What a coincidence that pillow was there,” I thought.

He fell on a pillow, and bounced to the next ride. He was about to fall, but he got on the next ride. It was the big ride called ‘The Vomit Ride.' He vomited on everyone. They said, ‘’Clean up on aisle everywhere.’’

When I was about to get him, he saw a penny. He said ‘’OOOH! Shiny!” That slowed him down enough for me to get him.

‘’Finally,‘’ I thought. So we went back to the hotel.

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