Encounter with a Star
Kasandra, Age 12, Fresno, CA

"I'm sorry kids, the line is closed." I heard a deep voice, but I didnít want to listen to it, so I continued to walk forward. Again, in a stern voice he said, "I'm sorry kids but this line is now closed!" All of a sudden, reality hit and I was in total disbelief. I thought, "I'm so close and yet so far away from getting a personal autograph, by none other than Zendaya Coleman." Zendaya is a superstar and a great dancer on my favorite show, Shake it Up. I am her biggest fan. Extremely disappointed, I let out a deep sigh and sadness covered my face; I wanted to burst out crying. Instead, I tried to look strong and stay polite. I replied, "Thank you sir," and got out of line.

I will never forget Friday July 7, 2012. I couldn't wait for the day to start. I woke up singing and dancing around to the "Shake it UP" movie soundtrack. "Is this true?" I kept asking myself. "Am I really going to meet the beautiful actress, Zendaya?" I was filled with joy and excitement. Tonight, at the Fresno Grizzles Baseball Park, I was going to hear Zendaya sing the National Anthem and then I was going to get her autograph. I called everyone I knew and I bragged about having tickets to the game.

My dad had bought the tickets early so we wouldn't have to stand in line. As we drove up to the stadium I could feel my heart pounding. My goofy little brother and sister kept jumping up and down with excitement too. The parking lot didn't seem full, so I just knew it wouldn't be long before I'd have Zendaya's autograph. We gave our tickets to the usher and walked right in. My parents kept telling me to slow down and to watch where I was going, but I was on a mission. To my surprise, kids were everywhere and the line was as far as my eyes could see. My mom waited with us in line while my sports fanatic dad went to watch the game. After waiting for over an hour, my mom suggested that we come back towards the end of the game. I should have never agreed with her because when we tried to get back in line, we heard the huge Security guard say, "I'm sorry kids the line is closed." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I had come to close to stop now. "What am I going to do?" I said.

Just then, my goofy brother started dancing all crazy in front of everyone. Coincidentally, his friend who is standing in front of the line noticed him and started laughing. Then he called my brother over and lets him cut in front. My sister and I were standing on the side of my brother when Zendaya noticed my little sister. She called for my little sister and gives her a big hug. Zendaya's bodyguard walked my brother to her and they both took a picture. My mom wanted me to cut in line but now I was too shy. Zendaya saw me and waved at me to come forward. I had a huge smile on my face as I came to her. We took a picture, then she reached out her hand and I gave her my song book to autograph and she SIGNED IT!

This was by far the greatest day of my life. I learned from this experience that my goofy little brother can be helpful. When opportunity comes, you have to go for it or you may lose what you really love in life. This moment was a dream come true. I knew someday, somehow, I was going to meet Zendaya, and I did!

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