Finding My Baby Sister
Daniel, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

It was a wonderful day in July. The day looked brilliant, the sun was marvelous. Cars were honking at kids. Birds were chirping. It was 79 degrees outside. The day was peaceful.

My sister comes in my room. She is 6 years old, her hair is brown. Her skin color is caramel, she has brown hair. She had blue jeans, black sweater, and a red scarf. Her eyes seemed to be saying, “Take me to the park to go see the fireworks.”

”Why do you want to go?”

“My friend said it’s awesome,” she answered. But the problem was that we didn’t know where it was.

We asked everybody: aunt, uncle, and mom. No one that lived with us knew. So we just stayed in the living room playing video games. Suddenly someone knocked on my door. It was my friend Bernardo.

He is eighteen years old. He has black hair, and his skin color is caramel. He’s eyes are hazel brown. He had a black sweater and blue jeans. He said, “You want to go see the fireworks at Marina Bay, don‘t you?”

My sister and I got into the car. We were driving to Marina Bay when suddenly we saw some dazzling red and blue lights behind us. It was the police; the cop came to the car and said, “Please step out of the car.”

He checked everywhere, yet he hadn't found anything. Then he came out with a weird looking bag. It was fireworks. I never knew my friend had fireworks. The cop took them away and he gave us a $250.00 fine. Although Bernardo was mad, we still went to Marina Bay.

When we got there we started staring at the beautiful sea. I turned back. “Where is my sister?”

We started looking around for her. I had a great idea. “I’ll go to the park and you look for her in this area. Meet you in the boats section.”

We split up I went to the park and my friend Bernardo was looking for her near the sea. I got to the park and looked for her everywhere, under the table, and the playground. I couldn’t find her so I went to the boats section. Bernardo asked, “What took you so long?”

“I was looking around for her everywhere,” I said. We sat down and we started thinking. We thought, “What are her favorite places to go in the park?” Then I remembered she likes looking at boats. So we went to the boats section. We saw a girl in a boat that looked like my baby sister so I screamed at her,

“Duana!” She turned around. I screamed at her again, “What are you doing in that boat?”

She told the owner of the boat to go to the shore. When they landed, she told me that she was looking at all the boats and then this wonderful guy asked if she liked the boats.

“He asked if I wanted to ride on his boat and…”

I told her, “Like you always say yes.”

“Sorry, brother,” Duana said.

“It’s OK, sister,” I said. She got out of the boat and we went where the jumpers were at.

It was 9:00 and the fireworks started. It ended with some cool fireworks. We went home and said to Bernardo, “Thanks for taking us to see the fireworks.”

“No problem,” he answered.

We went to sleep.

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