William’s First Day in Preschool
Brenda, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

It was August 17. Though I felt like it was 1,000 degrees it was actually 105 and I thought I was going to faint. There was a lot of traffic in front of the school. Kids were coming to school, and I could tell that my brother was nervous, because it was his first day in preschool. He was biting his nails and was really red and walked really slowly to school.

William is my little annoying four year old brother. He is really skinny, he is three feet tall, and has black wavy hair and big brown eyes. He looks just like my dad, because my dad also has big brown eyes. There are four of us: my sister Edith, she’s seventeen, then me, I’m eleven, then William my first brother, he’s four, then my other brother Bryan, he’s just one

This is what happened to my little brother during his first day in preschool. He had a day to remember. At the end of the day my mom was running late because she works all the way in San Francisco, and there was a lot of traffic, because there was a car accident. It was an old women and teenager. The teenager was 19 years old and the old woman was about 70. My mom said that they looked okay, but the old women had an injured leg.

At preschool, moms were picking up their children. My brother felt lonely, because his friends had already left and my mom still didn’t pick him up. He was about to cry.

Good thing the teacher of my brother stayed there with him, but when the teacher went to open the door for another parent, my brother gently opened the gate and left, because he was tired of waiting for my mom to pick him up He didn’t know where to go, so he was just walking through the streets.

At preschool the teacher was looking for my brother. She couldn’t find him, so she called my mom.

“Hi!” teacher said, “I’m calling because William was waiting for you, but now he’s not here!”

“What he’s not there? HOW!”

“I don’t know but come here so we could look for him!”

“Well I’m stuck in traffic, but I am going to call my daughter Aideth, so she could help you guys look for William, and I am got to try to go as fast as I could!”

“Okay but hurry, please hurry!”

Meanwhile my mom’s aunt Juana was just walking and she found my brother crying. What my mom’s aunt Juana did is she called my mom. After Aunt Juana took my brother to the school office. Soon my brothers, sister, parents, and I were back again at our house

My brother learned a lesson of not leaving without an adult’s permission, because something could happen to him.   

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