Fun Times at Six Flags
Nubia, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

It was a beautiful hot summer day and I felt like I was going to burn to death. My cousin invited me to go to Six Flags with her family. I asked my parents if I could go they said, ‘’Sure.’’ Later that day my cousin picked me up and drove me to Six Flags.

I saw people on roller coasters and enjoying their day. We got our finger scanned and we went in. I heard people screaming. The first ride we went on was the roller coaster named Medusa. Medusa is one incredible roller coaster. It goes really high and really fast. The line-up was so big it was like a snake slithering throughout the park.

Later that day my cousin Maria asked me to take care of my baby cousin. Although I wanted to get on other rides I couldn’t because I had to take care of my baby cousin. My baby cousin name was Giselle. Giselle is 4 years old, her cheeks are chubby like a chipmunk, her hair is dark brown, her eyes are light brown, she was wearing a pink plum panda shirt. Her eyes were seem to be saying ‘’I want ice cream,’’ because she saw big brown ice cream cones. The others got on a ride. I was watching Giselle, and then I got bored so I started playing on my phone. ‘’Where did Giselle go?” Where did she go!?!” We started looking for Giselle. My cousins were still on the roller coaster called V2. We started running everywhere, but we could not find Giselle.

My cousins got off the roller coaster. Maria asked me where Giselle went. I said ‘ I don’t know!!’’ We started looking where all the animals where, but we still could not find her. We went everywhere but we still did not find her. My cousin started freaking out. Where can she be!? We asked the security if they saw her but they said no. We asked all the employees from the roller coasters but they said they hadn’t seen her. It was hot like an oven and we couldn’t run anymore.

We looked around the roller coasters, by all the food stalls, the animal cages and bathrooms but we could not find her. Maria was so mad at me that she did not talk to me for a while. We saw a little girl that looked like my cousin but, it wasn’t Giselle. We gave up we could not find her. ‘’I should never have played on my phone’’ I said.

Maria was so mad at me she did not talk to me. I looked where the stingrays where at, then I looked back. Wait! Was that Giselle? So we went to check. It was Giselle! We all ran over there. “Giselle, we finally found you! I’m never letting you baby sit again!” said Maria. “That’s fine with me!” I said. We were all so glad we finally found Giselle. We all gave her a hug and continued our day.  

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