A Halloween Scare
Grace, Age 12, Edson, AB

As I stare up at the huge house, tilting my neck to get a good look of it, I pity anyone who has an older brother.

I mean, some brothers can be nice. Like, my friend Karen, her older brother gives me cookies whenever I go to their house. But, somehow, I got stuck with Pat as an older brother.

"Do it!" Pat says, his mocking, loud voice. ďDonít be a coward, Ava"

I have the urge to slap him across the face, but I donít. I keep my hands clutched in fists as I push open the creaky old gate.

How on earth could someone ruin Halloween completely? I donít know, but Pat seems to know the trick. He ruined Christmas, too, he broke into Mom and Dad`s closet, saw what I was getting for Christmas, and told me. So, the whole 'surprise, look what I got you for Christmas' thing was all ruined.

My sneakers crunch against the dry grass. I pulled my witch hat higher, and smoothed down my light brown hair.

The door had a strange knocker on it. It was a triangle, with a line in the middle. I hold it between my fingers, feeling it`s cold, rough metal. How old is this thing?

"Hurry up, Ava!" Pat calls again, snickering. He probably thinks Iím going to back out, to act like a scared five-year-old. But, no. Iím proving him wrong this time.

"You donít have to!" Karen, who tagged along with Pat and I this Halloween, calls.

I place my hand on the doorknob, trying not to make my hand shake. I push the door open, and peer inside.

It was....it was....fancy.

Red velvet moth-eaten curtains hang from the walls. I really want to go and touch them, because I love the feel of velvet, but I glue my legs to the doorway, not daring to go any further.

Fancy armchairs and couches, some red, others a crispy orange. A large, cozy looking fireplace takes up the back wall, and beside it, a wooden rocking chair. A little way away from the fireplace, is a huge staircase. I try to imagine what it would look like fifty years ago. Probably really nice.

"Ava" a voice startled me out of my day-dream of how the house would look like. I nearly jumped as high as the ceiling-(okay, not THAT high, but you get the picture). My heart beats fast, and I feel my palms start to sweat. I want to run out, but for some reason, I feel like my feet are stuck to the ground.

"Ava" the soft, echo-like voice is getting nearer. Itís a ghost. Iím sure of it. I feel like crying. Why, oh, why, did I get stuck with Pat as an older brother?

"Ava, dear, sorry to startle you. Would you like some candy? Is your name Ava? I`m assuming it is, I heard that boy over there call you it. I thought you were here for candy. Oh, how I miss children. They never come here, see, because they think itís scary." An old lady, with her face very wrinkled up, and with dusty clothes on, comes down from the staircase. Sheís holding a couple of grocery bags, and I think theyíre full of candy.

I try not to be rude, so I nod. I stare at the old woman as she comes closer, and I notice one of her bags is full of Skittles and Mars Bars. My favorite candies.

"Here" she hands me the bag. "Take it all. And here, give this to Karen." She hands me another bag, this one a little smaller. I look inside as she hands me it, and itís full of Smarties and Kit-Kats. Karenís favorites.

"Give this to Patrick, please." She hands me another bag, this one is a large paper bag, and I think itís just my imagination, but, I think it`s moving.

"Have a Happy Halloween, dear" she smiles.

"Uh-uh, thanks" I splutter, and leave the house, running to Pat and Karen to show them what I got.

"Ooh, candies!" Pat reaches for my bag, the largest bag. "Iíll take that"

"No" I hand them their bags. "These are for each of you"

"Smarties!" Karen exclaims, as she digs into her bag.

"Letís see what I got" Pat slowly opens his bag, and to my surprise, screams.

Beetles, small mice, ants, moths, centipedes and spiders crawl out of the bag, and pour over the sidewalk, and onto Patís hands.

"Aaah!" he screams. "Aaah!" Pat runs as fast as he can away from his bag.

"Happy Halloween, Pat" I smile. Me and Karen burst out laughing.

Best Halloween, EVER.

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