Lost in My Hometown
Nasaiyah, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

One sunny afternoon when I came home from the last day of school I sat down on the couch. Suddenly the doorbell rang. When I opened the door a cute little chubby baby with blue big eyes, and purple and pink footie pajamas was there.

When I glanced at the baby I spotted a white envelope with money inside and a note which explained why somebody gave me the money and the baby.

”MOM,” I said. She came rushing down the hallway like a speeding bullet. “Mom, I found a baby on the front porch,” I said.

“Well what was it doing there?” Mom said confused.

“What do you think it just walked up to me and said take me?” I said.

“Never mind that, this kid needs diapers,“ Mom said.

Later that evening my father Stephen came home. “Hey sweet pea,” said my dad hugging me.

“Guess what? I found a baby on the doorstep,” I said.

“Oh is that right, where did this baby came from?” dad said looking at me as if I were crazy.

“I would answer that, but I’m going with mom to buy diapers for the baby. Later!” I said running after my mom.

Later that night we put the baby to bed in my brother’s bed .When Sunday morning came we all got dressed and went to Chucky Cheese to celebrate the coming of the baby

“I can’t believe she found a real baby,” Dad said whispered to mom.

“Her name is Lucinda “I said, running to go play again.

“Well I think the baby might have a new friend,” mom said.

“What do you mean?” said dad looking confused.

“I mean, I’m pregnant. It’s coming next week,” said mom.

When we left Chucky Cheese mom and dad told me all about the baby that mom was having. We all decided the baby’s name should be Zenobia.

Several weeks passed. We were celebrating Zenobia’s turning one month and Lucinda turning one. We celebrated their birthdays on the same day because we didn’t know Lucinda’s birthday. We went to Six Flags, to the baby part, when suddenly we could not find Lucinda. We looked all day but we could not find her. She had disappeared. When Six Flags closed the people told us to come back tomorrow, so we went home. Since Lucinda was gone mom was so heartbroken that she didn’t even move like she used to.

Suddenly the doorbell rang

“I’ll get it,” I said.

When I opened the door I could not believe my eyes it was Lucinda and a woman that looked as if she was related to Lucinda.

“Hi my name is Jazmin, I want to thank you for keeping my baby for me. See I lost my house a while ago and I didn’t want my child to stay outside with me, so I left her here. But now I have a home of my own and I can provide for her again I will take my baby now,” the woman said turning away.

“You’re taking Lucinda?” I said.

“No I’m taking Savanna,” the woman said.

“Well goodbye,” I said waving.

“Goodbye,” the woman said waving back.

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