Horrifying Halloween
Raga, Age 10, Plano, TX

The crescent queen of the night shone high up in the sky as the incoherent chatter of crows pierced the air. Dracula, witches, Spiderman, and many other “creatures” ambled down the streets while collecting scrumptious candies in bright orange Halloween sacks. Sauntering down the gray street, I rang the doorbell to my friend’s house. “Trick or treat?” I asked in a thrilled manner. Embracing my friend, I grabbed two of my favorite chocolates and continued walking down the lane. Dreaming of eating the delicious snacks, I couldn’t resist cramming a bunch of chocolates in my mouth. Just about to ring the next house’s bell, I checked my watch and looked up into the night sky. It was getting dark.

Changing my mind, I bolted back the way home. Just then, I heard something rustle through the bushes. I jerked my head back, but saw no one. “I must be hearing things” I mumbled to myself. A moment later, I saw a blurry figure zip past me swiftly. Ok, now this was getting a little strange. The next thing I knew, I heard footsteps following me. Trying not to look back, I quickened my pace and suddenly. . . . . BOO! It was just my insane big brother. Laughing all the way back home, my brother told my parents about what happened.

“It was NOT funny!” I said.

“You should have seen your face!” he teased.

Storming up to my bedroom, I put on my soft turquoise pajamas and said good-night to my family--except for my brother. Dreaming of all the chocolate munching tomorrow, I could still feel the Halloween spirit ringing through me. This Halloween was perfect until my brother petrified me! But still, Happy Halloween to everyone!  

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