The Lost Plane
Gautham, Age 8, Karnataka, India

It was a pleasant evening in the airport. Everyone was happy to go to India on Eagle Airlines.

Lots of people were happy as they were going down for good work, education and for many more reasons.

When they left, their parents, grandparents and great grandparents were happy. The air hostess suggested putting on the seatbelts. The pilot wished, “All the best” to the co-pilot.

The air hostess gave good food to passengers.

Suddenly in air traffic control room the people saw the plane taking a different route.
They lost the communication with the plane. The pilot felt something went wrong with the communication system.

The pilot told to the co-pilot, “Let’s not panic. Let’s take effort to land this plane safely."

The pilot made an announcement, “Dear passengers, we have an emergency situation here but don’t panic. We will take care."

They safely landed on an island.

All of a sudden the tribes in the island saw a lot of light. They thought it was God and slowly went closer to the plane. They saw a lot of people in there. They gave food and shelter to the passengers.

After three months a ship came near the island and saw people living in the island.
The passengers thanked the tribes, said bye and boarded the ship.

When they returned back to their country everyone were surprised and broke into tears with happiness.

They lived happily ever after.

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