The Mysterious Room
Diya, Age 14, Gurgaon, Haryana, India

I once entered that place. The warmth in the atmosphere, the sweet melody of the wind chimes and the peculiar interior made that place quite weird. It was also less visited by the people around there. It had some kind of magic in the air that made me uncomfortable. My experience in that shop can be termed unforgettable.

It was raining heavily and the dusk had come. The temperature in the surrounding air was dropping lower and lower. That day I had not worn my jacket and was shivering a bit. Due to the bad weather conditions the roads were totally blocked and it was of no use to take a cab. So I decided to take shelter in a shop. There was a big board hanging on the shop saying to us “The Antiques.” The name suggested something very interesting.

I opened the door of the shop. A bearded strange man with a scar on his forehead was standing next to me. He greeted me by saying, “Bienvenue, monsieur.” Then I realized he was French. The man was holding a lantern in his hand. The light in the shop was made was by the lantern and fireplace. The lantern he was holding in his hand had an imprint which said ‘Abandoned’ in French. It was quite strange. The shop was full of weird objects, like an eye made with a metal ball and a big pyramid about three feet tall with an Egyptian symbol. Many other unique things were also present there. There was a door; it was very colorful, though the interior of the shop was very dull. The man went towards the door and got inside, but he did not let me look inside. The scene was like he wanted me to move in the room, but I did not focus on it. When he came out, he had an amulet in his hand that was very beautiful. It made me more curious to see inside that room.

I got an opportunity to explore the room when the French man went away for some work. With curiosity I opened the door of the room. In the room there was complete darkness. So I searched for the switch to turn on the lights, then something fell on my hand, but by that time I had found out the switch and turned it on. That thing was none other than a hand which was cut from a body. I was too scared. The room was filled with blood; almost all areas of the room were covered by blood of innocent people. I found a person nailed to the wall like a painting. It was so horrible that if you had seen it you would have fainted. The person hanging on the wall opened his eyes and said to me, “ Please run for your life or you will...die like me hanging on the wall. He will also kill you and eat your internal organs and leave your body like me. Watch out! ” I turned around there was a guy, actually a dead guy, with a burnt face. He had the same scar on his forehead that the French man had. He also had an iron rod in his hand. He was about to kill me, but something else strange happened. Everything around there got stopped just like someone had taken hold of the time.

The room was filled with smoke. Seriously, it was smoke. I even started coughing, but then a person appeared from it. He was an old man with rugged clothes. That whole time my mind was all blank and had mixed feeling of horror, fear, and confusion.  “CAN SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT’S GOING ON ?”

The man was coming towards me and he said, “This all started a long time ago in 1900. There was guy named Manuel. He was quite young that time. He was passing by dark woods at night. It was said that the woods were very thick. He got lost in the woods and he had not eaten food for about two days. He was very hungry. Once he found a mouse, and he was so hungry that he ate that. Later, he got to know that the mouse belonged to the witch that stayed in the forest. The witch cursed him, transforming him into a living monster that eats people. Manuel was guilty, so the witch said that until somebody wears this amulet, you will be like this. From that day on, he was like this. ”

I was about to ask him a question, but before I could he vanished in the air like dust. The time also started again like it was earlier. I turned to my left, so that I could run towards the amulet. I was as fast as I could be so that I could grab the amulet. When I put it on, I heard a noise: “Tik! Tik! Tik! Tik! Tik!!!” It was my clock and I was dreaming, but I could not believe it.

That very morning, while watching television, I found out that shop the in my dream had burnt but left no ashes. At the site they found some nails as well as the iron rod. I was frightened with horror. When I went to my room, I saw writing on my mirror that said, “Bienvenue, monsieur, ” and that very lantern imprinted with "Abandonee" - “Abandoned” in French.

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