The New City
Aditi, Age 9, Baner Oune, Maharashtra, India

I still remember those days when I came to Gurgaon. Near our house there was a village named Badshahpur. Badshahpur was nothing but an empty land with one or two huts. Many peacocks and rabbits used to come there .I used to wake up from the chirping of the peacocks, it seemed as if someone is saying you ‘good morning”. I and my sister generally gave them carrots and grains to eat. The whole place was very green and beautiful. I used to play with those rabbits. Seeing many peacocks together was very nice. I remember one thing that while playing, many birds like sparrows and parrots used to come. My sad times used to go instantly when I used to see those animals. We used to play cricket and volleyball in our free time. Our house was surrounded by empty ground with many plant and trees. The place was lovely.

But once I saw machines and cement kept at that place. I was very perplexed when I saw those things kept over there! I asked my father, “What is happening? What are those machines doing there? Why is concrete kept there?” I had many questions in my mind, but my father gave me a very simple, one-line answer. “They are going to make some buildings over there, at the empty spot.” I was very mournful at that time.

After a few months there were many buildings. That empty space became a place just for buildings. Listening to peacocks, playing with the rabbits and watching them jumping here and there became a dream for me. Maybe those animals went to some other place and the birds to some other city. I don’t know where those animals are…

One day, when my sister and I were talking in the balcony, my father came to me and said “We all are going to Pune, I have a transfer”. We all were packing bags for going but I was thinking about the rabbits and the pretty birds that used to play with me… do they remember me or not? Nobody knows. I knew one thing that Gurgaon had a drastic change. Earlier it was very beautiful and pretty, but now… just a place for concrete. I don’t know how this sudden change happened. When I sat on the plane, there was a big space covered with malls, houses and concrete. Gurgaon was looking nothing but a place of bricks and cement. This was the new city. 

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