Santa Helps a Missing Family
Akshaj, Age 9, Sacramento, CA

Characters: Santa, Jamie (Squirrel), Elves, Monster
Setting of the Story: A mansion, North Pole

When Santa walked through the door of a mansion, he snapped at his elves, "Why didn't you bring in the presents? I told you a million times to do it!"

“Sorry,” said the elves.

Santa muttered to himself that these elves are surely on the naughty list this year. Then Santa continued to walk towards the Christmas tree and felt something strange about it. He felt a creature climbing on his right arm. It was a squirrel who could talk and she told Santa that she needed his help. Santa asked what was wrong with her, as she narrated her sad story

Her name was Jamie and she was a pet squirrel in this house for a family and the family suddenly disappeared to the North Pole.

"We need to go and save them. But beware, there is an evil monster lurking there," said Jamie.

Santa exclaimed, "Woah!"

"But we can't save them" sighed Jamie.

Santa asked "Why not?"

“Because,” Jamie said, "I can't go to the North Pole."

"But I can," said Santa.

"Hooray!" said Jamie. “Let’s go!”

Meanwhile at his workshop the elves heard it. When they were at the mansion, they took their own mini sleigh to the workshop. They also started preparing machine guns for Santa's sleigh. Then, Santa arrived with Jamie when he saw his elves sitting and watching TV, except one who said, "We built machine guns for your quest."

"Thank you," said Santa. They hurried back to the sleigh and they were off! They saw footprints that led into a cave.

They went in and ..... Roooooooooooar! It was the monster. They kept fighting with machine guns and fighting and fighting. Finally, the monster swung a punch on Santa's head. Santa ducked and kicked him and the monster died.

Shadows were coming near. It was the missing family!

“Thank you!” they said. Santa returned them home and Jamie and they lived happily ever after, and Santa visited them in the house.

Rightly said, "All is well that ends well."

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