My Sisters and I Are at the Beach
Natalie, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

One time I was at the beach with my mom, dad and my 2 sisters. One of my sisters was two and the other one was four. My sisters were playing in the sand box, and I was at the water. I turned to check on my sisters and I found them arguing because my littlest sister was throwing wet sand at my oldest sisters. I got out of the water and asked both of my sisters to calm down, but neither of them was listening. My mom came and tried to grab my littlest sister by the hand but she couldn’t catch her.

Two minutes later she had vanished and was nowhere to be found. When we went home we made a police report.The police told us to call back in 24 hours. My mom was so worried that she almost fainted. I felt so bad I had to find her so when I called my best friend I told her to meet me at my house. We could look for her together. Then I thought, “She could be at the mall!” My best friend said, “Right, she could be there. Let’s go to the mall and go find her.” I said okay so we went to the mall and saw the stores, but no, she wasn’t at the stores.

My best friend and I got out of the mall and we saw my littlest sister. She was running as if she was doing a race. So I screamed her name, “BRIANNA,COME HERE!” She didn’t listen so I said it again, “BRIANNA, COME HERE!” She saw my face and I said, “COME, BRIANNA!“ She kept looking at me but she didn’t listen so I called my mom and said, “Mom I already found Brianna. She said, “Okay mija bring her here.” I told her I couldn’t because she’s outside of the mall running. She said, “Okay,just try to run as fast as you possibly to catch her. I said, “Okay mom, I will.” So I ran until I finally got her. I was so excited that I found her. My whole family was excited my sister came home and we were taking care of her I will never forget this rough day. 

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