Sleepwalking Baby
Rito, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

It was a cold winter night in December. It was as cold as laying in a bath tub filled with ice. I was sleeping under the blankets like a bear hibernating for winter. When I was sleeping, I suddenly heard something get knocked over. Although I tried to get up, I couldn’t because I was so exhausted from playing all day yesterday in the snow.

The next morning I woke up and hurried to my mom’s room because she was the one taking care of my little sister Mya. My mom was wearing jeans, a white shirt, and had her hair held up with a clip. When I was about to tell my mom what happened, my sister came running saying, “Where is Mya?” I told them that I heard something get knocked over last night. We were panicking like if we saw a ghost.

We forgot that Mya usually sleepwalks. We went outside to see if she was out there. My dog Remy was asleep inside his dog house, but he didn’t bark because he was also exhausted from yesterday. I tried to wake up my dog, but he didn’t wake up after three minutes. When he finally woke up, I told him to sniff the shirt that Mya used four days ago.

My dog took us down the street but stopped because he couldn’t find the smell anymore through all the snow. One thing we didn’t notice was that a man was watching us. We looked through all the snow to find Mya. After a short while, the man came walking to us. The man was called Robert.

Robert had brown eyes, brown hair, and was still in his pyjamas. Robert told us that when he was coming from his late night job, he saw a little girl in the snow. He said that he dropped all his papers on the table, and went running upstairs for the first blanket he saw. In an instant he was outside getting Mya and brought her inside.

When he was done talking, we all thanked him. My mother asked Robert, “How can we ever repay you?” Robert just told us, “There is nothing to worry about”.

We still made Robert and his family a blueberry pie. A week later Mya was three years old and was in pre-school. Mya eventually stopped sleepwalking. We were so proud of Mya when she stopped sleepwalking, but we were really thankful to Robert.

Months later a tragedy happened. Robert’s house caught on fire one night. Nobody knew what set it on fire. But all we knew was that Robert and his family didn’t make it out alive. When the firefighters got there, half the house was turned into ashes. Although the firefighters were doing everything they could, the fire just kept on going. When the firefighters were done with all the fire they left. All they found was the blanket that Robert used to get Mya. We were all crying and disappointed, because Robert did nothing to deserve this. A month later we put Robert and his family to rest in the cemetery.

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