Lost in a Las Vegas Casino
Daniela, Age 11, Richmond, CA

It was a wonderful Sunday morning. My sister and I were playing a board game on the porch, and then someone called me on my cellphone. It was my dad. He said, “Daniela I have been calling you for the past hour, now come to the backyard immediately I have great news.”

When we went to the back yard we saw my dad with my mom standing there with serious faces. As soon as I saw them like that I thought this: “I am so busted”, but instead of getting me in trouble they gave me the great news which was that we were going on a family trip to Las Vegas.

When we got there we were all so tired after the long trip, so we decided to rest for a little while. The problem was that my sister would not stop crying because she wanted to go to the pool, but my mom had said, “Sorry sweetie, but I’m too tired to go. Maybe we can go tomorrow?”

Hearing the news made her feel really miserable, so she spent the rest of the afternoon crying on her pillow.

My sister Valeria is 2 years old, she is 2.3 feet tall and chubby. Her hair is color chocolate brown and her skin color is like cinnamon.

The next day my sister was ready to go to the pool when my mom said, “Valeria I am so sorry to tell you that we can’t go to the pool today because we were planning on walking around the casinos.”

At the time my mom said that I wish she hadn’t, because Valeria got so mad that she started screaming so loud that I she gave me a migraine headache. Then when we were not watching she left to go to the pool by herself. When we were about to go to the casinos with my parents, we couldn’t find my sister Valeria. I could see my parents freaking out,

My mom is thirty-one years old. She is 5.6 tall and skinny. Her hair color is black like licorice and her eyes always seemed to be saying “what are you up to?” But right now I could hear my mom screaming, “Dani, go down to the lobby to see if your sister is there!!!” My mom screamed as loud as a lion’s roar. I felt scared, we felt scared.

After looking for my sister all afternoon in Las Vegas, we went our hotel to rest for a little while. Then, I saw a girl that looked just like my sister, so I kept staring at her. It was my sister! My mom was taking a shower and my dad was sleeping, so I took a chance and left to go get my sister. When I was near the block, I saw my sister standing there.

I screamed, “I am so happy to see you, but also very mad. But mostly very happy!” The feeling was amazing, because I finally found my sister, but then I realized that I had gotten lost too!!! First I went to the closest hotel to see if they would let my call my parents.

So I went and I tried to call my parents, but they didn’t answer the phone. So I had to call the police. When I called the police I could see my sister crying.

Since my sister kept annoying me with all her crying I tried to calm her down, but it didn’t work. Although my sister kept annoying me with all her crying, I decided to try and let it go. Lucky for my sister the police arrived before I started screaming.

When the policed arrived I saw my mom and dad with flyers saying, “Lost, Dani, Valeria.”

At that time that I saw them, I ran to give them a big hug. Then they thanked the police, after that my mom and dad took us to eat ice cream. Although I just wanted a simple vanilla ice cream, my dad got me a huge banana split. After that we went to rest in the hotel, I knew that I would never forget this crazy day.

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