When My Baby Sister Got Lost at the Mall
Martin, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

It was a beautiful afternoon in December. My mom asked my dad if he wanted to buy our Christmas presents and he said ok in a drowsy mode. Later that day we saw a security guard at the mall. Jonathan waved hello and asked him where the wrapping paper was. “He told me it’s on Aisle 4. Wait, Martin, it might be underneath the shelf with the Christmas cards.” All of a sudden my baby sister was out of sight. We asked Jonathan if he seen my baby sister. He exclaimed, “No, why?”

“Because we can’t find her!”

My brother ran quickly as a leopard to the yogurt stand to see if she was there. She was at the toy stand near this big doll; all she wanted to get was a doll. My dad had to buy her a new big doll, so she wouldn’t run away again. My mom quickly grabbed her, and strapped into to her baby carriage. My sister Melissa had snatched some new shoes while we were looking for the baby; my mom had to pay for them or she would cry. Melissa was happy with her new shoes. Then we all got new shoes at the shoe stand. Then we went to Macy’s to buy new pants, shirts, and socks. Then my dad found out that he lost his wallet. So then we had to go asked every cashier at every stand if they had seen my dad’s wallet.

I asked the security guard, “Have you seen a big brown wallet with a horse painting on the side? We can’t find it.”

My dad asked the same thing at another store but we still couldn’t find it.

We all came, back to the red cart with white wheels by the Christmas decorations. Then we realized that the wallet was in the cart. We bought our Christmas presents and left.

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