Lost Baby Cousin
Jannely, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

We went to Macy’s on a sunny, bright day with my mom, dad, brother, grandma, and my baby cousin, Kimberley. She was wearing brown pants, a white shirt, and pink shoes. Her eyes were blue like the sky. My family and I were shopping for clothes and shoes. Later, when we left the store, Kimberley was left behind. We soon noticed we had lost Kimberley. We hurried back to the girls’ clothing department. Kimberley had already started crawling around the store. I and my parents ran around the store, but we couldn’t find her. At that moment, we got scared. There were too many people in the store to look for Kimberley.

Kimberley was scared, but it was probably because she didn’t see any familiar faces. She was crying as loud as a hurricane, but my parents couldn’t hear her because they were on the other side of the store.

The women said to Kimberley, “Do you know where your mom and dad are?”

Kimberley shook her head and said, “No no!”

Although we didn’t find Kimberley, I was kind of happy. She annoyed me at times. My parents kept looking for her. They kept calling her name through the store. My veins were popping out of my skin. The women and Kimberley were still on the lookout for worried parents. Unfortunately they had no luck.

Kimberley started to cry again because she was still with the lady.
My parents finally gave up and walked to the front of the store. Over the speakers, they asked if anybody had seen a baby girl with brown pants, a white shirt, and pink shoes.

They waited for about twenty minutes, when around the corner I could hear a baby crying. A woman with a bright orange shirt, dark blue jeans, and bright blond hair was carrying baby Kimberley. As my parents started to run toward the lady, I began to wonder if she was an angel that brought back Kimberley.

My mom thanked this lady and then asked her what her name was. The women said, “My name is Lisa!” The family said, “Thank you!” They began to walk out to the car and baby Kimberley waved back to Lisa.

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