The Friendless Girl
Sydney, Age 12, Virginia Beach, VA

It was standing in the middle of a lake.

It was foggy out, but one could still see the other side. There was a school, and a group of middle school students going from one building to another. Two groups. The front group was a mixed group of girls and boys, most holding hands. The second: mostly girls clumped together who had grouped themselves depending on personalities and cliques. But in the center, between both groups, was a girl by herself who had tried to catch up with one group, and fell behind to the other, but was not accepted in either. So she walked alone, all alone, a girl who had faded into the background in the eyes of her fellow students, a girl who was friendless and tired and lonely, even surrounded by so many people. And the girl stopped, looked into the eyes of the ghost, and smiled.

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