How We Lost My Baby Cousin at the Park
Lizbeth, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

It was the middle of June, a hot sunny day. I was walking to my Aunt Roxy’s house. We were going to the park with her son Angel. He’s a toddler. When I was knocking at the front door, my Aunt Roxy opened the door. She was wearing a scarlet shirt with navy blue pants and her hair was like a dark chocolate candy bar. She said, “Come in,” and I went inside where Angel was playing with a blue ball. He was wearing a green shirt with gray pants.

We all got in the car and drove to the park. When we got there, it smelled like fresh pine trees just grown. When Angel saw the playground, he asked Roxy, ‘”Can I go play?” My Aunt Roxy said, “Okay.” My Aunt Roxy and I sat at a bench talking about school stuff.

Meanwhile, Angel was playing at the playground. He met a boy named Mark. He told Angel, “Hey, there’s a bigger playground up that trail, and my mommy is over there. She can take care of us.” Angel and Mark went up the trail. Mark saw his mom. Angel and Mark went to say hi. Mark’s mom’s name was Lisa. She was wearing an orange shirt with slim black pants.

‘’Who’s this little boy?’’ said Lisa.

‘’My friend, Angel. His mom lets him come up here’’ said Mark.

‘’Are you sure?’’ said Lisa.

‘’Yes I’m sure,” said Mark.

A couple of minutes later, my aunt said, “Come on, let’s go home.” But when she called, Angel didn’t answer. My Aunt Roxy counted to three—“One, two, three”—and he still didn’t answer. She told me to go look for him. I looked for him, and he wasn’t anywhere at the playground.

We were looking for Angel everywhere, but then I said, “The trail!” We went up the trail. We found Angel playing at the big playground there. Then my Aunt Roxy said, “Oh my baby boy!’’

She went running to him. Angel’s eyes seemed to be saying, “What’s happening?” Aunt Roxy was full of joy. She noticed Mark’s mom. It was her friend from high school from a long time ago. Lisa said, “Hi Roxy, we have so much to talk about.” They began to talk, but they just kept talking and talking. I got so bored that I played with Angel and Mark. I played with the boys until sunset. Then my aunt said, “Let’s go.” I was sad to leave the park, but my Aunt Roxy said, “Let’s go get some creamy ice cream!” and Angel and I said “Yes!”

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