Rocky vs. Alien Striker
Akshaj, Age 9, Sacramento, CA

“Rocky and Alien Striker to the stage,” said the announcer.

“This is it!” thought Joe to himself. After Rocky destroyed Zeus and Alien Striker defeated Atom, this was the final match.

“Last call for Rocky and Alien Striker” said the announcer.

Rocky and Alien Striker got the stage. They took their positions. “3…2...1… Fight!”

Joe was thinking about something else and never knew when Pow! Crash! Scrape! Alien Striker made the first move and Rocky fell to the floor. He was getting up when he got punched again! But thankfully he did not fall to the ground. “You asked for it,” Joe muttered under his breath. He was in control of Rocky here! He took both of his legs and twisted his waist and both of his legs hit his face. Alien Striker fell to the floor but jolted right up and tried to punch but missed.

Rocky put Alien Striker’s arm under his. It squirmed and wiggled, but he managed to take it out. Too fast for Alien Striker to see, Rocky did an uppercut twice! This time he did fall to the floor and stayed there for a few seconds. The wire connected to the brain system had broken! Now it was the real fight. The robot was controlling himself! His punches were so fast that he did fifty punches in one minute! Rocky got punched up and hit the ceiling! He fell face first onto the hard and cold cement.

The announcer almost said Alien Striker won, but Rocky got up! “Yes!” screamed Joe. The battle was on! The metal scraping for dear money made Rocky stronger.

There were three minute left and both were standing. Unexpectedly, Alien Striker grabbed his arm and swiped it clean off! “That does not stop me,” muttered Joe. He was still standing and tore off the Striker’s leg and arm! “The final blow,” thought Joe as he ripped of Alien Striker’s head!


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