To Swing
Victoria, Age 13, Greeneville, TN
                      What is it like
To hear the wind whistling
Ringing and roaring
Past your ears
Tousling your hair
Cooling your face
Flapping your shirt in the air?

What is it like
To be up so high
And glance at the world below?
The farmhouse stands as a jewel in the field
Cows in the meadow moo
Mice scurry quickly among the wheat
I like watching them too

What is it like
To see your shadow
Flirt softly across the grass?
Bent legs straight legs
On and on you go
Straight legs bent legs
'Till you can swing no more

What is it like
To swing on a swing?
During the days of your youth
When the sun shines brightly
And life is a bliss
To go up and swing down
Singing like this
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