The Missing Basket of Eggs
Lizbeth, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

“Wake up! Wake up! It’s 10:30 am. Easter morning!” my mom said.

“It’s what time?” I responded.

“It’s 10:30. Get up because we have got to go.”


My morning was quite busy. First we had to go to Walmart to buy a basket of plastic Easter eggs filled with candy. Then we visited Aunt Mary to celebrate Easter with her. As we arrived at her house, we could see that they had already started hiding the eggs.

“Hi everyone!” my mom and I shouted.


After greeting everyone the parents continued to hide eggs in the backyard. However, Aunt Mary noticed that they were missing a basket of eggs, which happened to be the one we had brought.

“Hey, you forgot to give me your Easter basket of eggs. Where is it?” my Aunt Mary asked.

“It’s over there on the table.”

As I turned around expecting that my basket of eggs were on the table, I was shocked to see that the basket wasn't there anymore.

“Sorry Aunt Mary. I don’t know what happened. I can't find my basket of eggs.”

“Okay. Then let’s just look for them.”

“Okay,” I said.

Although we looked around the house and questioned all of the family members, nobody had seen the basket of eggs. At that point we realized that we weren’t going to find them.

“Let’s just give up,” I told my Aunt Mary.
“No, just look a second time,” my Aunt Mary replied.

“Okay,” I said.

While we were looking around we heard a knock on the door. Aunt Mary opened it and saw that it was my cousins Lola, Marco, and my Uncle John. (In my mind I felt a little better knowing that we weren't the only ones that were late.) Uncle John was wearing a green shirt and some baggy gray pants, and the color of his shoes were caramel brown. Lola was wearing a knitted shirt that looked liked “Charlotte’s Web,” with slim grey pants and steal blue shoes. Her hair color was like a dark chocolate candy bar. Marco wore a teal blue shirt with white shorts and tan running shoes. His hair was a curly light brown.

At that point, I thought Aunt Mary had forgotten about the missing Easter basket. Since she had started to talk to Uncle John, I decided to go outside and play with my cousins. Moments later Aunt Mary called my name.

“Hey Lizbeth! Where are you?” she yelled.

“I’m outside playing tag with the cousins.”

“Okay, then let’s ask more family members about your basket,” my Aunt Mary said.

“Okay” I told her.

My Aunt Mary was asking my cousins while I was asking my mom.

“Hey mom have you seen my basket of eggs?” I asked my mom.

“Yes I have,” my mom told me.

“Where are they?” I asked her.

“I hid them already,” my mom said.

“Oh. Okay thanks!”

“Hey, Aunt Mary, my mom hid the eggs already, so do you want to start the Easter egg hunt?” I asked my Aunt Mary.

“Sure!” my Aunt Mary said.

After that all my cousins, including me, searched for the eggs that the adults had hidden for us.

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