What Being Bullied Feels Like
Analisia, Age 12, Phoenix, AZ
                      Being bullied feels like a bowling ball getting chucked at your head.
When you get bullied a dark cloud goes over you and you feel abandoned.
You hide yourself in the shadows so no one can see you crying.
You become unable to concentrate in class causing grades to drop.
You become afraid to step foot in school because you know the bully will be there.
You realize words hurt just as much as being physically bullied.
When you hear them call you words like “worthless” and “ugly” you want to run and cry.
You become afraid to check texts, emails, or social media.
You start to pretend you're ok when you know you’re not; you wear a fake smile.
Your hardest trying is never good enough for the bully and you no longer know what to do.
You eat lunch alone by the trashcan on the ground because you can't be accepted.
You become broken just wishing you could be the same person you used to be.
When the bully comes near you, you tense up and wish you could be invisible.
You become insecure and don't want to ever be seen again.
You begin to get emotionally destroyed and you slowly fade away.
When something is said about you, you completely change yourself to try and be what they want you to be.
You begin to think it’s your fault and you start hating yourself for it.
You just wish you had someone that understood, someone to talk to.
You start to cry yourself to sleep and you feel unwanted by everyone.
You start to skip meals and tell yourself you're not worth it.
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