Minseo, Age 12, Phoenix, AZ
                      My heart begins to pound loudly,
As other kids surround us,
I smell the anger from the bully,
Coming straight at me.

I slowly walk backwards,
Afraid of what might happen,
Sweat forming and fear growing,
As I plan how I will run in.

I hear kids chanting,
Stand up to the bully,
while other kids are saying,
Don’t let the kid go flee.

I feel the embarrassment growing
Tasting the cold, dry air,
While the kids are watching,
I'll run fast if I dare.

Finally, I gather my courage
And push others out of my way,
Ignoring my terrifying image,
I turn around and say,

“Leave me alone if you have nothing good to say,”
Because bullying will not be the favor in your way.
So listen to me and let me be,
Because can’t you see the fear in me?
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