Jungle Miracle
Alexa, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

I had no idea why they were standing there...

I saw two chimpanzees sitting beside me. Then I saw a baby monkey touching my feet and the mother of the baby monkey was doing something.

Then I got up and walked and walked until I saw a baby elephant with a herd of other elephants who were in the pond wetting themselves.

When I saw the elephants I got a little hungry so I was looking for food and I saw a tree full of bananas. The bananas looked like a big batch of cookies, and they were so delicious.

When I ate the bananas I felt a drop of rain on my arm, so I decided to make a little house so the rain wouldn’t wet me. When I finished making my little house I went inside my cozy little home, and it started to rain really hard. Also my eyes were really tired, so I fell into a very deep sleep.

I went outside and heard the sound of the music. I followed the sound, and then I found out where that music was coming from: the music was coming from tribes. They were wearing feathers and leather they were making a lot of noise so I left and saw a chimpanzee with a baby chimpanzees.

Then I saw beautiful birds chirping. They were colorful and they had bright colors. I saw different kinds of birds, and a few birds were flying around me when I was looking up at the sky.

Then I went to the river to see the frogs, and I saw lots of frogs. I saw toad frogs, tadpoles, and a frog jumped out from the river and the frog was making noise. I was hungry and I was getting some fresh red apples to take to my little home so I could eat the apples. I got five apples and I carried them back to my house.

I went to my house and I ate my fresh apples. The apples were very sweet and they were very juicy. They were so good I kept eating more of them until at one point I stopped because I got full.

Then I went to my house to rest for a little bit and I heard noise from outside my house. I heard people coming so I went outside to see what was going on and I heard someone speaking English.

They told me that they were there to take me back to my parents. I said, “OK, thanks,” and I said bye to my monkey friends.

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