Late Night Delivery
Kevin, Age 10, Windermere, FL

It was a Friday, on the 13th of June, that I started working as a mail boy. The day was quite busy, and got busier during late evening. I was walking to Mr. Smith’s house just after midnight to deliver my final delivery. Well, you may think ,“Why after midnight?” That was the instruction for that delivery, to deliver after midnight. As I was walking, I felt little nervous. I heard some voices behind me, and I turned around, but I didn't see anything. I reached Mr. Smith’s house. Mr. Smith was a tall man.
“Sir, here is your package.”
I handed the package to him. Without saying a word, he accepted the delivery and handed me a gold coin as a reward, then turned inside the house and shut the door in front of me. I was thrilled. A gold coin as a reward! I hurried back home.

The next day, I woke up and went to work. I was eager to tell my friends about last night’s final delivery. When I told the story, most of them said they had delivered packages to Mr. Smith and received gold coins as rewards. But it turned out that the gold coins were fake. I took out my coin to examine it; to my dismay, sure enough, it was fake too. I felt sad. I wanted to go back to Mr. Smith and asked about it. My friends agreed to come with me.

We all joined and walked towards Mr. Smith’s house. When we reached where his house should be, we couldn't find his house there. There was no house or Mr. Smith. We were all terrified, and started to turn back and walk. While we were walking back, I just turned my head around and I could say that I had a glimpse of a tall figure. I did not look back anymore. What was in all those packages? Something to make things disappear? We didn't know. But we never had to deliver any more packages to Mr. Smith after that.

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