The Missing Slippers
Jazmyn, Age 12, Nampa, ID

I just so happened to be outside taking a walk when I heard someone shriek, “What?! Where are my shoes?!” I just love mysteries, so I hurried in the direction it came from.

When I reached the crime scene, I found a fuming Cameron...with no shoes. Then he looked up.

“Oh, hi Emily,” he said. “I can’t find my shoes. Have you seen them?”

“Nope,” I answered matter-of-factly. “But I’m here to help. What do they look like?”

“They’re blue with red and white stripes on either side.”

I jotted that down in my notebook “Blue with red and white stripes...” I mumbled. “What were you doing when you lost them?” I asked.

“I was playing basketball.”

“Barefoot?” I questioned.

“Yes, it is hot out here.”

Anyway, I need to stop going off on rabbit trails. I checked our surroundings just in case the culprit was still near. “I think I know who took your shoes” I said.

“Really! Who?” Cameron was so excited.

“Do you care to look around?” I asked. “This is a park, and there is a tetherball pole with a puppy tied to it,” I said.

“Oh man, I totally forgot that I brought Lily with me!”

“E-em,” I cleared my throat, “Were you aware that your precious little doggie is chewing on some, red, and white shoes?” I stifled a giggle.

“AHH! Slobbery sneakers. I am so walking home barefoot!” Cameron laughed.

I couldn't help but chuckle myself.

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