The Pen and the Sword
Kokil, Age 15, Hyderabad, AP, India
                      Where is the ink that can brighten the dim skies,
The ink that can turn the dark waters to gold?
The red ink of blood shed to colour the sunrise;
The blue ink of fair letters written of old.

To light up the darkness, where is the fire burning?
Where is the lamp that can show me the way?
The flame of those freed souls to Heaven returning;
The clear lamp of words that turns night into day.

The pen and the sword, O, the power and the glory!
The pen and the sword have the greatest of might:
The strokes of the pen as it writes a new story;
The blood on the bright blade that gleams in the night!

Blank fate is the paper; the sword writes the letters
That say, 'As you sow, even so shall you reap'-
The bonds are of silence; the pen breaks the fetters;
The pen and the sword rouse the world from its sleep!
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