Easter Sunday
Jesus, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

It was an early hot and sunny morning when I woke up and suddenly realized that it was Easter morning. I grinned all morning like a monkey getting tickled because I knew that our annual Easter visit to my Aunt Mary’s house would be like a day at Six Flags with a pocket full of money. I went downstairs to watch television and eat cereal. A few hours later, my mom told me to get dressed so that we could drive to my aunt Mary’s house.

After I got dressed, brushed my teeth, and combed my hair, we got inside my mom’s red Toyota. When we got to my aunt Mary’s house, I hugged all of my cousins, aunts, and uncles. Later that morning, when everybody started to talk about the ‘’good old days in Mexico,’’ I starting to get bored, so I decided to play on my cousin’s Xbox 360. I was playing Call of Duty Zombies with my cousin Alex Sanchez. We made it to round 19 together.

Alex is four feet nine inches tall, and has hair as black as coal. Alex is always energetic, and is very friendly to me. He likes to wear faded blue jeans, and plain striped shirts. Alex has dark brown eyes which seemed to be saying, ‘’Today is a great day.’’

After playing video games for a long time, my aunt Mary called us for dinner. After we ate dinner, we walked to Davis Park to participate in an Easter egg hunt. As we arrived, we noticed Aunt Mary holding a bowl full of colorful plastic eggs. The eggs were either plain, striped, or had pictures of Winnie the Pooh. After the grownups hid all the Easter eggs, Aunt Mary called all the kids to go to the starting line in order to begin the Easter egg hunt.

“Get ready, get set, go!” yelled Aunt Mary.

We all took off running like hungry cheetahs towards bushes, trees, and large rocks. Alex and I decided to work as a team so we could get as many eggs as possible. After we couldn't find any more eggs, Alex and I walked inside Aunt Mary’s house holding our Easter eggs to relax and play more video games.

For the rest of the afternoon we held the video game controller in one hand and ate Easter eggs in the other hand.

“THIS IS A GREAT DAY!” I yelled happily.

Moments later, my mom told me to get my stuff because we were going home.

“Aw, man,” I said.

When we got home, I put on my pajamas and placed my Easter eggs next to my bed. As I closed my eyes, I told myself what a great day today was.

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