Kate, Age 13, Phoenix, AZ
                      Calling someone ‘gay’ shouldn't be an insult
Calling someone ‘fat’ shouldn't be an insult
Telling someone they ‘throw like a girl’ or ‘run like a girl’ shouldn't be insults
Telling a boy they're a ‘crybaby’ or that ‘crying is for girls’ shouldn't be insults
Being called ‘emo’ for self harming should not be an insult
Being called ‘ugly’ shouldn't be an insult. What’s your definition of beauty?
Calling someone ‘anorexic’ because they don't eat a lot shouldn't be an insult. It is a mental illness not a word you use for bullying.
Calling that person ‘vain’ or ‘too self conceited’ because they look into a mirror too often should not be an insult.
A mental illness, being a certain gender, or the way someone looks should not be ways to insult people.
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