Ashley, Age 12, Phoenix, AZ
                      nobody deserves it
the pain, the ache, the dread

nobody deserves it
innocent people could end up dead

nobody deserves it
being knocked down, hiding tears
the girl never knew he would be near

nobody deserves it
delicate knees crashing down on the concrete
he didn't care, just laughed loosely

nobody deserves it
he just slammed her on the floor, as she is garbage
like no one had before

nobody deserves it
and soon he will know,
because when he finds out,
he will slow

all of the pain he caused everybody just goes to show,
that nobody will love him as far as he goes,
because even when he could be the most successful man in the world,
he will learn that going through all of the cruel,
never got him to rule the school
nobody deserves it
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