When I Got Bullied
Gyesenia, Age 12, Phoenix, AZ
                      I was happily devouring a sweet, creamy, chocolate cupcake.
With the taste of it in my mouth, I decided that I wanted to play basketball with my encouraging teammates; my teammates always made me feel like a winner.
Two seventh graders from Chandler Prep sassily walked up to me with a hostile and accusing look.
They accused me of stealing their iPod.
While surprised and a little angry, I said that I didn't steal it.
With their arms crossed, they blurted out that I was the last one to have it.
With frustration, I said that I didn't even know if they had an iPod or not.
Then I told them to retrace their steps in order to find it.
I watched them, they found it, but they hid it and still accused me.
I yelled at them because they put the iPod away and accused me.
Then, they found it, hid the iPod, and still accused me, even though they had it the whole time.
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