A Beginning
Zoey, Age 9, Clearwater, FL

Once upon a time there was a fairy named Melissa. She loved a mortal who was in the war and he retired and he wanted to have a wife and children. She decided to go up and speak to him to see if they could marry. So after that he told her that he couldn’t marry a fairy and that she could use her special fairy magic to make herself mortal so that no other fairy would know that she was marrying a human. So after that every night she would turn back into a fairy to see her fairy kids because her fairy husband had died.

She had a plan that instead of having more kids, she could turn her fairy kids into mortals so that they could be with her and she wouldn’t have to change back into a fairy. But because she couldn’t turn back into a fairy again, she created a special journal that told about her fairy life and all her adventures so that she would never forget them. And after her children grew up they read the journal and found out that their mother used to be a fairy and that they were one too. So they found her left over pixie-dust and they planned to keep it, so that when they got married, they could turn their children into fairies and could live a fairy life again. But their mother found out and took the pixie-dust away. But they still had a pinch of it in their hands. So they transferred it into the body of one of their children and the rest of the fairy magic lived in a new generation. 

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