The Best Easter
Daniel, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

One wonderful evening in April, my family and I were at the park eating hot dogs. The ducks were flying up in the nice blue sky, the cool wind was blowing. The sun was bright like a diamond ring. It was eighty degrees at the park. The day looked calm and peaceful.

“Daniel, hi!” My uncle came and sat down next to me. He is thirty-eight years old and his name is Noel. His skin color is brown, his eyes are green. He had purple jeans and black Vans. His eyes seemed to be saying, “Let’s start the Easter egg hunt.” We all got very happy.

All my other cousins and I went to a tree, so we wouldn’t see where the adults hid the eggs. My auntie screamed very loudly, as if a huge balloon had popped, "Look for the eggs." All of my cousins started to look for the eggs. I got ten eggs and my cousin Rodolfo got fifteen.

Jose is my other cousin. He is fourteen years old, and his hair is black. His skin color is caramel, his eyes are hazel brown. He had black shorts and some black Converse. He said, ““Where’s Jeffery?”

It started to get very loud when my cousin said that. My uncle, Jeffery’s dad, said to all of the cousins, "Go look for my son, Jeffery. Please, whoever finds him gets $25.00.” All of my cousins split up in 2s. I went with Rodolfo. We went to one of his favorite parts of the park, which is the river. We went there, but he wasn't there. My cousin and I started to go everywhere in the park.

I went to where my uncle was and I told him, "Sorry, I couldn't find him." He started to cry. When all the other kids came back they said the same thing, "Sorry, we couldn't find him." Everyone went with my uncle and cried with him, except Rodolfo and I, who went looking for Jeffery at the beach. Once we got there we started looking for him at the shore. He wasn't there, so went to some small cabins.

We remembered that he likes looking at people fishing. Once we got there, we saw a small kid sitting on the concrete talking with a stranger. He looked just like my cousin: skinny, long hair, and green jeans. I screamed, “Jeffery, is that you?” Everyone looked at me, but the little kid didn't. We went back very tired; we went through a shortcut. Although it was a very cold place, it was the perfect place to relax. We suddenly heard a strange noise in the leaves. It sounded like a swoosh. We got very scared, but we climbed a tree like a cat. It looked like a skinny kid in purple jeans. It was my cousin.

We went running, very happy, because we found my little cousin. Once we got there everybody started to stare at us. We screamed, “We found Jeffery!” As we got closer to the family, we all got so happy that my auntie put on music. It got crazy, as if there were monkeys fighting. My uncle called us over. He gave each one of us a $20.00 dollar bill. The party ended, and we all went home very happy.   

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