A Betrayal
Kayleigh, Age 12, Pottstown, PA
                      Footsteps imprinted in the dirt,
Her heart had turned cold and dull,
She left without a word,
Brushing away any trace that followed her,
My heart was left frail,
Trust had been broken beyond repair,
Yet for some ludicrous reason,
She crept back not knowing what she did.

The hole in my heart had been tied together,
Not once did it cross my mind,
About the pain she had strangled me with,
All felt calm as our thoughts were being exchanged,
Yet for some reason the rope had been cut,
The lasso around my heart had snapped,
She had emerged from a white canvas,
To be concealed by black acrylic.

A final time after tears had been shed,
Her picture daunted me through the brightness,
Her eyes had not seemed to recognize the longing look in mine,
My fingers twitched as tears traced my face,
Photographs of memories started to burn,
Hurdled into a barrel of flames,
Ink from the glossy paper flaked off,
One question still haunts my unforgiving mind,
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