The Construction Web
Domenic, Age 10, Maple, ON

I, out of all the people in the world, have to live across from an old abandoned construction site. After my mom passed away in the summer we had to move; our house held too many memories of her. This place was the best my dad could afford.

While I was walking on my way back home from school, it was so foggy that I could not even see two feet in front of me. The ground was muddy. When I walked, my feet got stuck. It was like walking on drying concrete, and it stunk like manure. When I was done complaining about the construction site, my life flashed before my eyes as I fell in a deep, dark hole.

I had slipped from the mud and I was falling in a gargantuan death trap. It was as pitch black as the black hole in outer space. Just when I was trying to look down I fainted. As soon as I woke up, I did not open my eyes because I was too afraid of what was going to happen next. I realized why I fainted; there was not enough air to breathe! When I finally opened my eyes, a massive spider was only two inches from my face! Its eight eyes were staring like daggers at me as it yelled, “Who are you and why are you here?” Its breath stunk like a corpse; my eyes burned from the stench. I tried to talk but nothing came out. I was too terrified. I tried to punch the spider in the face but nothing happened. I was still stuck! I glanced beside me and saw that I was trapped in a giant spider web!! I felt my body trembling with fear and had to do something to escape, so I sprayed a can of my lucky can of hair spray that I always carry with me in my pocket in the spider’s face. The spider yelled and hissed at me, “YOU WILL NOT HURT ME. I’M QUEEN ARSENAL!!!!!,” I knew this was bad, if she was queen!

Just then, about three hundred or so spiders that were watching out of curiosity jumped on the web, but instead of landing softly their weight broke the web!!! I and all the spiders plunged down the hole. I lost all sense of direction. I was horrified.
I then saw a swirl of flashing light that was at the bottom of the hole, and then I realized it was an underground volcano, that exploded into a huge waterspout that lifted me in the sky. When I saw Queen Arsenal hit the ground, her mouth was wide open ready to eat me. I was horrified! That was the end of me.

Just when I thought all hope was lost, I realized I still had my lucky can of hair spray in my pocket. I sprayed it in Queen Arsenal’s face; she hissed something that I couldn’t understand and staggered back and forth. I landed on her back, which was surprisingly soft, and I bounced off her into a pile of debris from the construction site.

I knew a war had started between me and the spider queen. With her army coming, I knew I would have no chance if I didn’t act fast. I was not going to let her take me down without a fight. Something sharp pierced my right thigh and when I looked to see what it was it was the answer to my prayers: a broken pipe I could use as a sword. I charged at her with the pipe and she charged at me. Only one of us was going to make it out alive…

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