Disappointing Camping Trip
Alfonso, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

It was a wonderful spring break where birds were chirping and squirrels were munching on nuts. I was planning on spending my spring break with my friends until I overheard my mom and my older sister arguing about going camping for spring break. Then my mom yelled, “Come here!”

I went and she told me, “This weekend you’re not going to go with your friends.”

My mom has curly black hair like curly fries. She was wearing a blue necklace with her blue and white earrings.

My older sister, Leslie, was wearing an Aeropostale light pink sweater with black leggings.

I was really bummed I couldn’t go with my friends, and I didn't want to go camping either, but my mom forced me. That same night we all packed our luggage. It was a big mess like a circus on the move. I had everything packed, but something was missing: my favorite gold chain. I can't go far from home without it. I looked for it all around the house and it seemed like the earth sucked it right in. Then I screamed, “Did anyone see my gold chain?”

“No!” everyone said at the same time.

We all went to sleep, but I was still searching for my gold chain. I finally gave up and then I decided to go to sleep because it was about midnight. The next morning my mom told us to wake up and go downstairs for breakfast. When I got downstairs I could smell bacon with egg. Next thing you know we all rushed to eat. We got in the car and were on our way camping. The luggage was moving too much in the trunk, so we pulled over. My mom decided to put them below our legs and that meant less space.

Finally we arrived at our camping spot. I noticed that there was a redwood tree that looked like it had been shocked by lightning. It had spider webs full of insects. Then we got to our cabin and noticed that the cabin was dusty and hasn’t been cleaned in a while. I immediately unpacked my luggage to take a nap because I was still tired because I got to sleep late last night. My mom told me she was going to take a quick hike with her two friends and my little sister. My little sister is ten years old. She has black straight hair. She’s three inches taller than me, and she is always making fun of that.

While my mom, my little sister, and my mom’s two friends went hiking, my sister and I stayed in the cabin and relaxed. Then we got bored, but there was no signal or TV.

After a while of being bored I took a long nap and when I woke up it was morning. My mom, my sister, and I decided to take a walk. I noticed this beehive with all these spider webs around it. I tried to hit it once but then I saw a bunch of bees coming so I left it alone. Then we noticed a rusty old cabin. Then, all of a sudden, we heard a newscast say that a big storm was coming.

So my mom was trying to get everybody to pack quickly so on our way home it won’t be that dangerous. We packed all night and left right away in the morning. On our way home black clouds were taking over the sun. Then all of a sudden rain started pouring like cats and dogs. At one point this tree was inches away from hitting us. Although we were still frightened about the tree almost falling on us, we got home safe and sound. Then out of nowhere, my smaller sister, Michelle, screamed out “Alfonso I found your gold chain!”

I ran to find my little sister. She was in the bathroom. Then I remembered I must have left it in the bathroom when I was taking a shower. I realized that I had spent all my spring break wondering where my chain was. I was pretty joyful that I found my chain, but next time I’ll be more responsible and won't make my next spring break horrible.  

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