Easter Is Here
Moises, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

It was a beautiful spring day. The birds were chirping, and I was in my room playing video games like always. I was in my jeans and my t-shirt. My eyes were as dark as chocolate. My skin was light like caramel. My mom wanted me to go play outside, but I didn't want to. My phone suddenly rang and frightened me. I jumped off my bed and picked up my phone.

“Hello,” I said.

“Moises, you there?” my friend asked.

“Yeah, I’m here,” I answered.

“Can you help me please?”

“What do you need now!?”

“Uhm, help.”

“On what!?”

“Someone stole my Easter eggs.”

Although I said I’d be right over, my mom made me eat some tacos. When I was finally done, I asked my mom if I could go to my friend’s house. She drove me there, and I saw my chubby friend Dave. He was wearing black jeans and a gray t-shirt.

“Where were you?” Dave asked.

“Eating tacos,” I answered.

“Ok, just help me find the person who stole my Easter eggs.”

“Fine, but how do you know that someone stole them.”

“Because I saw him.”

We looked and looked, but we couldn’t find anyone. When we just about ready to give up, Dave saw a man with a handful of Easter eggs. So we walked over to him.

“Did you steal my Easter eggs!?” Dave yelled out.

“What? Who said that?” the man asked.

“Me down here.”

“What do you want?”

“Did you take his Easter eggs?” I asked.

“What are Easter eggs?” the man replied.

“Those eggs that you are holding.”

“I thought these were just colored eggs that were lying on the grass.”

“Could I have those back?” Dave asked.

“Yeah,” the man answered.

When we got the eggs back, we went to go hide them again. It was 3:00 p.m., and we still had more eggs to hide.

“How many more do we need?” I asked in an exhausted tone.

“About fifty more,” Dave answered.


When we were finally done, I had to go home.

“How am I getting home!?”

“Don’t you have your phone?”

“My mom took my phone away!”

“My mom doesn't get here until 5:00 p.m. so… ”

“I need to get home.”

“Where is your mom?”

“She is at work, but she gets back at 4:00, and if I’m not there in 30 minutes I’m grounded.”

“How are you getting home?”

“Do you know where the phone booths are?”


We looked and looked, but it was no use. Although we found a booth, it was out of order.

“Are you sure you don’t have your phone?” Dave asked exhausted.

“I’m sure I don’t!” I answered angrily.

“Should we just ask someone if we can use their phone?”

“Umm…” I didn’t answer.

We took a break and rested—until I found out my friend had his phone ALL THIS TIME!

“GIVE ME YOUR PHONE!” I shouted.

“How did you find out?” he replied.

“I heard it ring!”

“OK… Here.”

I called my mom and told her what happened. She told me she wasn’t going to ground me, but I couldn’t go to my friend’s party.

“Moises, did you lock the door?” she asked.

“I’m hungry, Mom,” I answered.

“Did you lock the door!?”


“Someone could have broken in!”

“I’m going to go eat.”  

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