The Jungle Temples
Martin, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

I had no idea why they were standing there….

A group of explorers wanted to find a hidden treasure deep in a temple. One foggy night in November, Agent Jerry's helicopter landed near a huge mountain. A few days later, there was an earthquake that rumbled like a pack of rhinos running on top of a mountain.

All of a sudden enormous rocks fell on the helicopter, and Isabella was getting ready to run like a leopard in the wild. Then we all set off to find the temple. Although we were unable to find the temple that day, we did find a piece of old rock with a symbol of a roaring tiger on the top of one of the three mountains. There were several paths in front of us, which made it difficult to choose how to find the temple. We decided to split up and walk up each path to figure out the best route, and return to the starting point an hour later to rejoin the group.

The following morning I woke early to eat breakfast. As I was eating, I noticed a lion on the top of the middle mountain. So I ran quickly to get Agent Jerry. I pointed to the middle mountain so he could get a glimpse of the lion.

Later that evening, we all went to the mountain and sure enough there it was. We all saw the temple, and walked inside the temple. Inside were white and black tiles. We stepped carefully on a white tile which made the entrance close. So the white tiles were bad, and the black tiles were good. We began to go slowly through the tiles, but up ahead was a tiger. Everyone thought that the tiger was dangerous, but as soon as he saw us, he was playful. I named him Oso. He reminded me of my dog that ran away. He was about five feet tall and his hair was like the top of a broom.

All of a sudden, Isabella interrupted. "We have to keep on going," she said. The next part of the temple was a little harder because there were giant bricks falling from the ceiling.

“Carl, don't touch anything," yelled Agent Jerry when all of a sudden Carl found another rock with symbol of a mumbling monkey on a mountain. We found a hole in the temple and we decided to go to the tents. The next day at about 7:30 in the morning I went outside my tent and I saw a monkey on the left mountain. The next day we all went to the left mountain and it was there again, another temple. We all remembered that the white were bad and the black were good, but here it was the opposite: white were good, black were bad. Isabella was so surprised that she said "Wha?" and we all started laughing as if we were choking. Then we ate some bananas, grapes, and mangoes from some nearby trees right next to rushing river. Next morning at about 9:25 I saw the monkey, and called Agent Jerry. He was just in time to see the monkey on the mountain. So then we set off to find the temple on the mountain.

At the entrance there was a monkey about five years old, and he was skinny as a stick. I decided to name him Jojo. The monkey’s eyes seemed to be saying, “May I have a banana”. We picked some bananas for him, but they turned out to be a trap. We were knocked out for about two hours because there was some kind of poison in the bananas. Then we found a hole on the side of the temple and got out of the temple and headed to our tents. I woke up at 1:00 a.m. because the ground was as hard as a bunch of rocks. Agent Jerry woke and cracked his knuckles and ground his teeth. The next day we all went to the right mountain and found another monkey. So now we had to take care of two monkeys, and one tiger. I decided to name the second monkey Balu because it reminded me of a cartoon I watched when I was five years old.

Then all of a sudden the middle temple was as bright as a star. We all ran as fast as we could to the middle temple. There were three paw prints, one for Oso, and two for the monkeys. They all put one paw on the paw print, and they were the key to opening the greatest treasure in the world. Then two bricks opened and there it was, the treasure: golden coins, crowns, diamonds. We were all rich. We all put in some money to buy a mansion, and my room was where Oso, Jojo, and Balu slept.  

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