Grandma's Missing Guitar
Melissa, Age 11, San Pablo, CA

It was that first week of spring. You could hear the birds chirping and people laughing outside my house. Today was my grandma’s birthday. We were going to have a surprise party for her at my cousin’s house. My grandma thought it was a family reunion. We decided to have the party at my cousin’s house because her house is really big and she has a pool in her backyard.

When my two sisters, mom, and dad were ready, we went to the car and put our stuff inside the car. My two sisters and I had a backpack with clothes so we could go into the pool. When we got to my cousin’s house, we said hi to everyone and went to put our stuff in my cousin’s room. Thirty minutes later, my grandma was getting out of the car, so everyone hid. When my grandma opened the door, everyone said, “Surprise! Happy birthday, Grandma.”

All of my cousins ran to my grandma and gave her a big hug. My grandma was wearing a beautiful blue dress and some black flats. Later, at 2:00 pm, we decided to go to the pool, so we went to change. I had some black shorts and an orange shirt. My two little sisters had bikinis with pink and red flowers. When my cousins were ready, we went running to the pool and jumped like kangaroos. We played in the pool for about thirty-five minutes. When we got out of the pool, we went where it was sunny so we could get dry and then we went to change.

One hour later, my grandma was going to sing melodies with her beautiful guitar, but the problem was that she couldn’t find her guitar.

“Grandma, are you sure you had your guitar when you got here?” I asked.

“Yes, I put it on the sofa,“ Grandma replied.

“I didn't see anything,” my cousin Daniela said.

We began to look for the guitar, but we couldn't find it, which made my grandma sad. My cousin Natalie and I went to grandma’s car to see if the guitar was there, but the guitar wasn’t anywhere. We went back to the house and told my grandma that it wasn’t there. Thirty minute later, the phone rang, and I answered it.

“It’s me, Juan.” (Juan is my uncle.)

“Oh, Juan,” I said.

“I’m calling because I’m coming over there, but can you ask your grandma if she wants her guitar?” Juan said.

“What? She left her guitar at home?” I said.

“Yes, she left it at the house,” Juan said.

“OK, bring the guitar to my grandma,” I said.

I ran to tell Grandma that it was my uncle Juan and that she had left her guitar at the house.

“Oh yes, I remember now that I put it in the kitchen,” my grandma said.

When my uncle Juan came, he gave the guitar to my grandma, and my grandma started singing melodies. Everyone started singing, laughing, and dancing. When my grandma was finish singing she said, “Thank you, everyone, who made me this beautiful party. I liked it very much.”

“You’re welcome, Grandma. You know that we love you so much,” everyone said.

“I love everyone so much too!” my grandma said.   

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