Elizabeth, Age 12, Champlin, MN
                      A creature is stalking you, day and night,
Look behind; you will be given a fight.

A ghastly figure, so solemn yet savage,
Yet resembles a lifeless lump of baggage.

It holds your darkest ideas and thoughts,
The only place where the sun’s warmth is not.

“It’s just your shadow” some may try to say,
But it is just their fear they are hiding away.

Your shadow isn’t a cheerful fun pal,
And planning horrific end, he shall.

Haunting your dreams, with fury and fright,
And I must say he has quite a strong bite.

There where you sleep, at the side of your bed,
Making sure you will soon wind up dead.

This story doesn’t have a happy end,
It is just something I cannot pretend.
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