How I Survived the Jungle
Edgar, Age 12, San Pablo, CA

I had no idea why they were standing there. While we were traveling to Ghana, two strange Liberian men would not sit in their seats.

No matter how far we went, they were still standing. They had dark eyes and dark hair and with big dark sweaters. They would not sit down, and that was really getting strange because all the rest of us were sitting down. A short time later it was getting dark. We were sleeping, except for the two strange people, who were up to something.

The two men shouted, “HAHAHA!”

That woke me up and I fell off my seat and I hit my head. All I could see was all the trees and birds flying, and it was cold. I felt weird because everyone started to go to sleep and I was awake.

The captain said, “There is a problem.” He said that the problem was that we were heading to a waterfall.

A woman said, “No! my glasses!” That lady had blonde hair, and her eyes looked clear as the sky. Her glasses had just fallen.

The captain said, “Duck down!!”

We fell over the waterfall and everybody screamed, “NO!!” We landed on frozen water and the boat broke into pieces. All of us fainted. Once I woke up, I ran quickly under a tree.

Back in Liberia, the control center had lost connection with us. I tried going to the captain’s microphone. I tried using it, but it was all broken. As soon as the people got knocked out of the boat, the control center was looking around at radar to look for our last known position. They quickly sent a rescue team. Since it was cold, I decided to cover myself with some big fat fur so I would stay hot. I was hungry after a while, so I went looking around and found some bananas on the floor. I quickly got them and ran back to the tree. We had not seen the captain. That was pretty weird. After we crashed, I heard someone run off. I guess it was the captain.

I was wondering why he would run off just like that. I said to myself, oh, whatever, he might have a reason why. We wanted to get out but we did not know which way to go. Only the captain knew, so I said since he knew which direction to go he might have just left with the two strange people—because they were also missing. It was very strange that they left with the captain. After a few days in the jungle, I was talking to a man. He said that he knew this place and that he frequently travels to Ghana. I knew that we were finally getting out of there once we left. However, once we were half way to Ghana, we saw helicopters. We said, “The rescue team!”

We knew they had come for us. Surely they were going to find us. That would be pretty strange for them not to find us. So we keep on going and we finally made it out the jungle. Once we did there was a mountain we had to climb down to get to the main city. When we were halfway down the mountain one man fell into a hole

The man said, “Help! I fell into a hole!”

We all quickly went back up and got him out and we kept going. Once we got to the main city we quickly went to the harbor and from there we had to enter the control center and tell all of the agents that we had gotten out of the jungle so they would tell the rescue team to come back. When we got to the harbor there were security guards who said we could not enter. All of us agreed we must scream at them or they wouldn’t let us in, so we screamed, “We have gotten out of the jungle!”

All of the people of the control center ran out of the room. They immediately contacted the rescue team to tell them we were all fine. Once we all told them we were fine, they said, “Where is the captain?” We said he had run away with two strange people. The control center was all surprised; they said he wasn't the type of person that just left all of you guys in the middle of the jungle. Once the rescue team came back they checked to see if we were all fine and to make sure we weren’t sick or anything.

Once we were taken to Ghana by aircraft, I knew all our problems were over. When I got to my home, I knew it was all over. I just would never forget that crazy trip.   

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