Brittney’s Mysteries - Chapter Two
Jazmyn, Age 13, Nampa, ID

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Chapter Two
When Brittney came home from school, Mom was late from her work as a lawyer, again. Knowing that her mom would tell her to work on homework, she started, then looked up in surprise. Why was she thinking about Brandon? She shook the weird thought out of her head, and dragged her attention back to math. When she was done with homework, she went to her room and grabbed some paper. Then she started writing what she knew about the mystery.

Someone is going to cheat on a math test next week. The test is on Friday, so I have about two weeks to find out who’s going to cheat and reveal them.

The kids were around Galen’s locker, so it could be Galen who’s trying to cheat.

That was all she had, and she thought it wasn’t enough. “I don’t know anything more than I knew before I heard the conversation.”


“Hey Mom!” Brandon called as he walked in the door.

“Hi, Don!”

“Mom, you know I don’t like that nickname.”

“I know. How was school?”

“Good,” he said, getting his homework out.

“That’s vague,” she smiled. “Did you meet anyone?”



“A girl named Brittney.”

“How’d you meet her?”

“We bumped into each other.”



“Yikes, was she OK?


“I see you’re busy, so I’ll leave you alone,” she said, handing him a cookie.

“Thanks,” he called after her.

And she just smiled.


“Mom! You’re back!” Brittney ran to give her mom a hug. Then she stopped. “Oh! Hi, Dad!” She gave him a hug instead.

“Hi, sweetpea!”


“I know, I know, let me correct myself. Hi Britt!”

“That’s better!” she said, her hands on her hips, in mock attitude.

Her dad put his hands on his hips and said in a sassy and squeaky voice, “That’s better!”


“Alright, enough playing. Have you done your homework?”


“Good. Now how about dinner?”

“Let us have the best cuisine in the restaurant, The Great Squid on Rice.”

Her dad made a gagging sound and said, “How about lasagna?”

“Much better!” As her dad got it out of the freezer, she said, “I overheard some kids talking today.”

Her dad’s face grew stern. “Brittney, you know not to eavesdrop.”

“I know, but I couldn’t help hearing. They were right next to my locker. I only caught a few words, but what I did hear was about someone cheating on a math test next week.”

“Oh! Now I understand why you would listen in.” He set the timer on the oven. “Do you know who is going to cheat?”

“No, but what I do know is on this paper.”

He read it, then went over it again. “This isn’t much.”

“I know.” A look of defeat came over her face.

“Brittney, you will find the answer to this mystery, you just need to keep trying, believe in yourself!”

“OK, I will,” she sighed, managing a smile.

“That’s my girl. Oh!” he exclaimed as the timer went off. Bringing the plates of steaming lasagna to the table, he asked, “What else happened today?”

“I bumped into someone.”

“Mm?” he asked with his mouth full and one eyebrow raised.

“How do you do that? I cannot figure it out. I try, but I cannot raise one eyebrow! You must be magic.”

“No changing the subject.” He shook his fork at her. “Who did you bump into?”

“His name is Brandon”



“Hmm… a first crush perhaps?”


“OK! I say no more. Go get ready for bed.”

“You just said something else!”


“OK, I’m going.”

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