A Dragon's Life
Hannah and Chloe (The Twins), Age 7, Yakima, WA

Once there was a dragon named Diablo that lived in the woods. Diablo’s name meant "devil," and when his parents named him they hoped he would grow up to be evil like them. He was the scariest creature around the world or so people thought. No one liked him because he would take their little girls and keep them in his cave to keep him company. Really, he was just lonely.

All he ever really ate was fish and a shark. He thought his parents wanted him to be a kind and gentle dragon, but really they wanted him to be the meanest dragon that anyone saw. He still loved his family dearly. He also breathed fire, but he never used his power to hurt anyone, only to cook his food. He also ate worm salad.

One day Diablo was caught. The Evil Company took him to their factory and set the little girls free. They dragged him into the machine where a ton of other dragons were coming out. He pulled and fought, because all the dragons that were coming out were evil. He watched a dragon go in good and come out evil. Just then his friends, the little girls he took, came and rescued him. That night they all had roasted fish. And they all lived happily ever after.

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